I am currently using a Nikon D3300 for my photography projects/jobs. I have a 35-70 mm lens, which came with the camera. I also have a 90-300mm lens. The 90-300 mm lens is useful when I am trying to capture an image from far away. I am am able to zoom in very closely and capture great shots, with this lens. It is especially helpful when I am doing street photography because I can capture people's natural facial expressions without invading their space. I am able to stand far back from them and get a close up shot, due to how much the lens can zoom in.

I edit my photos on Final Cut Pro which is my favorite editing software! I can adjust photos however I would like with it. I can also crop photos or change colors within the photo. This gives me a lot of options when editing.

I do not have an external flash, at the moment. I am hoping to invest in one in the next few months. I feel that an external flash is essential in order to get great shots in dim lit places, Such as, concerts.

Cameras flash
NikonD3300 Nikon 35-70 mm
Cannon T5i Nikon 90-300mm